What is benefit of using script and Valente (Blue coins) for RSS?:


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    Sorry, i spaced out the first post but spaces are not showing. Short version. I can buy 100k iron at Store for 3500 Gold. Why does it cost 4200 gold when using the Script (and the missing Blue Coins)? What is benefit of ever using script - when those Blue Coins (Valentio or whatever) - are necessary for RSS in the other Recipes for Events? Not like we get Blue Coins for regular Creature Hunting. You only make them available for special creature events. So cmon. Help a brother (and the sisters) out. Making the recipes Script only - is that really going to impact Estimated Gross Profit for 2020? That feature would not decrease pack buys. It would likely motivate those - who are so far behind the required RSS - to actually buy that 1 pack so they can reach the next level. And continue playing. Instead of stalling out at T9 or less - which happens with at least 80% of your active players in this kingdom.

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