WB keeps ignoring the tickets.



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    Greetings AriCrow,

    I am sorry that you had an issue with your shield and that you haven't received an answer to your tickets yet, I can understand that being frustrating. I would like to assure you that the Customer Service team are working through the tickets as quickly as possible and are not ignoring your tickets. Please could you respond with any ticket numbers that you have?
    You may want to check this post: https://community.wbgames.com/t5/Support/Customer-Service-Help/m-p/1819951#M5 as it gives details of the different ticket types and their responses e.g. a ticket raised as a "Bug Report" will be used to gather information to fix a bug, but players may not get individual replies.

    I have also moved your post to the Support section for better visibility.

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