Unteleportable Map Locations


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    You know it would have been really nice to have at least a weeks heads up on this especially with SoP openings happening this weekend where those very spots are extremely important to capturing the seats.  Since you don't seem to have a clue or don't care about how your players actually play the game, let me fill you in.  Alliances work very hard and put in lots of time to secure the best spots for SoP capture.  It is very time consuming and takes a lot of coordinated effort to keep those spots safe and out of enemy hands.  My alliance had one of those spots near Winterfell which we had been maintaining since kingdom merge and was our best spot for capturing Winterfell in less than 2 days now.  Then you arbitrarily flip a switch to make this spot inaccessible without telling anyone and when we try to swap that spot for Winterfell opening, the consequences of your ridiculous timing and complete lack of notice has caused us to lose our best spot to take Winterfell.  At least if we had some notice, we wouldn't have moved the keep we already had positioned there.  You could have also done something logical with Winterfell opening in 2 days to wait until after Winterfell opening to change the access to the spots that had been occupied since kingdom merge!  But I guess its just too much to ask to actually think about the players who play and support your game.  SMH....

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