Lost army and resources - no reports in mail box



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    Hi Martin,

    Have you opened a ticket with support already? If so, can you update the thread with your ticket number please?

    If you haven't opened a ticket you can do so here https://hbogamessupport.wbgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    Try and include as much information as possible, screenshots, dates, times (in your timezone) will be really helpful.

    Support will be able to look into your account and give an explanation of what happened to your troops and resources.



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    Yes I created new ticket to this issue because when I created ticket first time - it were not solved - in that time technical supports didnt understand - there is a limit for mails ... And Its not fair for players if they are not informed about it ... I paid a lot to this game and now I am stuck ...

    My actual ticket number is 


    I was attacked at 2nd October ... and I have plenty screenshots - (but its hard to screenshot a reports which dont exist in mail box) But I have plenty proofs , and you can check how many times my keep was attacked at that time ...



    I hope this will be solved , because I need to invest to this game and grow to T9 ASAP ... In my kingdom we are rally for 4 and 4,5 Stars Seats of Power ... I need to be usefull for team , or I will quit game and I will not spent any dolar or € to this game ...


    help me , thanks


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    You can see how many € I spent to game before they zeroed me , and how many I spent after it ... I will not invest more money to game if here are no good technical supports ...


    I need invest and grow to T9 asap ...  I cannot stay blocked like this ...

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