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    I fail to understand these merges.xa0


    The game is too young to merge, and this proves someone made the bad call at WB Games to agree with so many kingdoms.xa0

    Maybe the focus should be for the game to be a little bit more new player friendly instead of just having a bunch of Kingdoms if someone wants to play in a fresh new kingdom tomorrow.xa0

    (let's remember other RTS like Grepolis, Tribal Wars, etc, and so, create worlds so rarely that they announce it first and even create server launch events)xa0

    How not to have the need to create so many kingdoms:xa0

    • Enlarge Starting Shields
    • Create Penalty for High Level players to atk low leveled people (unless they're abandoned)xa0
    •xa0Give starting people 2x speed and resources IF they're starting on an old server

    • Understand that you should have a catalog of the existing Kingdoms, their date launched, active population numbers, and OUR choice to pick one server (this is possible in browser RTS for 15 years now)
    • Like some games are doing, certain clans achieve a certain high level, they are given the chance to go into a server, an Elite server, where only really late game powerful players can go, it's the "Valhalla" of servers.xa0

    These are just a few, I'm sure we can do better than merging and launching over and over.xa0

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