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    WB Gamer

    Infrequently. The packs that are pretty common are:

    • The normal rotation, e.g. Gold, Resources, Research, Building, Growth, etc.
    • PvP and Bullwark, coincide with PvP events
    • Advanced Building, happen periodically
    • Advanced Research, I've only seen this a couple of times, but they were the same both times
    • Rich Man's Pack, King's Pack, etc., come around with the Varys events, happened a few times

    Most of these have between 80-110k gold, with the Gold pack with 160k (but fewer other things). Higher than that isn't part of a normal pack and is usually on a special occasion pack that will not be seen again. Some of these happen around various US holidays and are "Feast of the..." packs that also include Shrine wishes. There's speculation that there will be one on Labor Day which is on 3 September; but no-one knows what it will actually include.

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