lost access because of facebook bind



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    Hi Luscinia,

    At the moment, the Android version of the game only has Facebook as a cloud saving method. If there is an issue with the Facebook account you are using, you will need to resolve the issue with their support team.

    If you happen to lose access to your game save across all of your devices in the future, please contact us again so we can review your case further.




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    Dear Mr. SpectreVortex,


    thank you for your response. Again you remitted me to Facebook. As I mentioned earlier I have already filed several unsuccessful appeals because of my locked profile.

    As a provider of the GoTC game you offer only facebook as cloud storage for users of the Android operating system. This data backup system is insecure, because facebook can close a profile without stating reasons. In this case, there is no possibility of data access by the user. When I connected my game to facebook, I had to rely on the security of the offered system. This has proven to be inadequate.

    As a paying customer I expect another solution, for example the connection to a google account (which you still have not realized) or similar. I therefore ask you for a renewed examination of my request


    Yours faithfully,


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