Harder n harder to play.



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    I have moved your thread here.

    I can only apologise that you have encountered this problem with shields.

    Not all support tickets receive a unique reply. The categories “Bug Reports”, “Feedback”, and “Report Abuse, Cheating, or Content” are reviewed by the developers and moderation team and will not be responded to by a Customer Service Agent.

    You can read more here https://community.wbgames.com/t5/Support/Customer-Service-Help/m-p/1819951#M5 on how support tickets are handled.

    Please update the thread with you ticket number for further assistance.


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    Hi Stalan. My latest ticket number is MP7466
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    Hi HouseBarbaross,

    We see that your ticket #271297 was responded to by an agent on Tuesday. If you have any further concerns, please be sure to respond back to their message so they can continue to assist.


    Thank you!


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