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    My story within this game is long and painful, so I won’t go into too much detail.

    What I will say is that I’ve come to the realization that the only way to truly unite the Kingdoms is to fight for the alliance, not the allegiance.

    Code: HMT36PW

    The Family Alliance of K142 is made up of 4 allied clans that were once 17 separate clans. I spent weeks building trust among people from all over the world and at last they have consolidated their power and began to work as a unit.

    I fear it will not last without a powerful military force keeping a watchful eye on the realm and building more trust between neighbors through deed and action.

    So I have began forming the First Faction of the Knights Watch (not to be confused with the Nights Watch).

    -Knights Watch
    -Knights Listen
    -Knights Protect

    Code: XJ9KP

    Each “Faction” of the Knights Watch is comprised of 5 roles:

    - 1 Commander (guide and leader)
    - 3 Rangers (power hitters, spenders)
    - 1 Steward (diplomat and acting leader in absence of Commander)
    - 1 Builder (creator of Guardian Allegiances, trainer of smalls and protector of Home Clan)

    Role descriptions:

    - Leader of Faction and communicator
    - Stays in contact with other Commanders and Heads of Houses to make sure his/her Faction is being effective
    - Guides Faction on missions
    - Helps family clans in siege and defense

    - Second in command, future Commander
    - Diplomat and liaison between Home and Family clans
    - Helps family clans in siege and defense of seats

    - Functions as protector for clans of the Family Alliance as well as Home Clan
    - Power hitter, bringing justice to those who break the Kings Peace
    - Strongest and most active of Faction
    - Helps all family clans in siege and defense of seats

    - Always stays in Home Clan
    - Creative creator of Guardian Keeps
    - Acts as Master-at-Arms and primary Protector for Home Clan (training the smalls)
    - Coordinator of organization and reinforcement of Guardian Allegiances

    Code: MC6XR

    *Ideally each allied clan would organize their Faction of the Knights Watch, leaving one space open under each leader so the entirety of the Knights Watch can link together when necessary.*

    These Factions would each have their **Home Clan** where they spend most of their time.

    When necessary, these Factions can link together to humble foes and to provide the realms of men with a symbol of unity.

    I am looking for very active players who want to lift people up with their power. It’s time for the people to learn how to trust each other and work together, and the only way to make it happen is if a powerful group forces an end to the madness.


    Join me in Kingdom 142. Winter is Coming.

    -Jon Snow

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    WB Gamer
    You all should probably know that she/he does not speak for all of us in Kingdom 142! The allegiance she speaks of just disbanded because we saw through them. Using kingdom merger as a intimidation method to join their "cause".
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    Any intimidation toward you was not my intent.

    I stepped away for a while, and during that time, other players led the family alliance in a direction I did not agree with, ultimately leading to fracturing of the group. I heard about some of these bullying tactics on the part of FAMLY. I also heard how they suddenly kicked all of the smaller players. I was very disappointed in the decision making of their leadership at this time, and felt powerless to help the group regain their cohesion.

    The concept of the Knights Watch has not yet come to fruition. I am earnest in my desire to bring the kingdom together, and bully tactics have no place is a just and fair kingdom.
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