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    Hi RichardThe3rd,

    Hopefully some of your questions can be answered here

    There is no trading in the game, it has been brought up a few times in the forums and the team are aware that a lot of players would love to see it implemented.

    Thank you for your sharing your concerns. The team is working hard and continue to make improvements to Game of Thrones Conquest.
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    Those bigger players constantly attack us smaller players making it nearly impossible to grow you'll must do something about that
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    A few tips to protect your acct as you grow.

    1. Dint train more troops than you are able to march out of your keep.. keep them safe by haveing them out gathering resources at far away tiles or send them reinforce SoPs.. remember to set a timer on your phine so you know when they are returning and can be attacked.
    2. Dont open rss boxes past amount your storehouse protects until you are ready to use them.
    3. Remember as long as you do the above 2 things you can always drop from your allegience and have a member zero your walls for a free 24 hr sheild.

    FTP is challenging in this game... in order to do it you have to really learn how to play... if not just skip a few lunches or a night out on the town and get a sheild pack to play worry free for afew months

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