The gift and Pyke


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    I read a long time ago that Pyke was initially going to be an SOP, then they pulled the plug.xa0 We cannot even port over there anymore.


    As for The Wall, the expeditions are a thing now, so that's cool I guess?xa0 There are also nearly 300 leagues of dead space if you scroll up in a straight line from The Wall itself.xa0 I would LOVE to and predict there will be some event where allegiances battle the White Walkers on The Wall or move into Wildling turf as a "No PvP Zone" where players have to cooperate together to take on enemies?


    That would be really awesome.


    Pyke is a huge downer.xa0 It's one of the coolest structures in all of Game of Thrones; granted, there is not jack squat for land out there, but I'd make that my capital in a heartbeat.

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