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    it has been 9 months since this post has been on. I am also having troubles upgrading buildings cause of the lack of bricks. The brick events are once a week. To upgrade 1 building at to level 18 it costs about 565 bricks. it is almost impossible to get that many. a level 17 creatures averages 20 bricks at a cost of 15 stamina. You get 100 stamina. So you are only able to attack about 6 times before running out. To get it refilled you need to wait about 8 hrs. so in a 24 hr period you can attack around 18-20 times for about 360 bricks give or take if you get more every 4th or so attack. We they eventually come up with a better system for getting items needed to advance? There is now the expeditions on the maester tower but bricks either cost about 900k stones for 100 or about 120 fragments. which are just as hard to obtain.
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