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    All of the 4+ star Seats in the merged kingdoms were a crapshoot. There were enough people who could solo Paramounts that it came down to who was quicker on clicking or, what appeared to happen, had more devices connected to the account to send out simultaneous attacks. Likewise with King's Landing whoever could actually get their rallies to start and get filled with the lag. Based on my experience you need 2:1 to 3:1 numerical superiority to take a Seat of Power, assuming it's fully and actively reinforced with an average march size of buffed T9s being 90k. So for a 4 star that works out to be something along the lines of 4-5 groups and for King's Landing closer to 7-8. And talking likely somewhere in the neighborhood of 75M+ power loss on the attacker's side; though split up among 30 people isn't that bad at an individual level, I suppose. With most of the post-merge kingdoms sitting at around 2,500 or so active players it requires significant collaboration between a number of allegiances in order to take one.


    On one hand I would say that's a good thing. It shouldn't be easy to take a major castle. Heck, in history most castles weren't ever taken by force until the advent of gunpowder. But since there aren't really any mechanics for protracted sieges in the game it doesn't translate very well. One mechanic someone proposed on here some time back was to make it so an allegiance couldn't effectively hold Paramount seats unless they held a large portion of the other Seats in their respective kingdom. Personally I would like to see more of a penalty for holding a Seat when you don't have the requisite banners to do so. Right now it's too easy to shuffle that around. Something like reducing the number of reinforcements available dramatically, perhaps. Couple that with reducing the reinforcements on the Paramount if the allegiance doesn't have dominion over the Kingdom. Make there be a reason to fight over Torrhen's Square, for example, as well as reduce the tendency for one or two allegiances to hold all of the 3+ star Seats because they can rotate people in and out of T2 positions. 

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