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    Greetings The_OLDN,

    I am sorry that you have been attacked while you are starting off in the game, I know that can be frustrating. The best way not to be attacked is by using shields, however if you don't have a shield, you can send your troops out (e.g reinforcing) while you are away from the game. This will mean that even if you are attacked, your troops will not be injured. I would advise players to stay below their level for protected resources too, as you are less likely to be attacked if the attacker is going to get very little. Another idea is to join an allegiance, as this can offer you not only protection, but also a good source for hints and tips.
    I have forwarded your feedback to the Development team and I have also moved the post to the feedback section of the forum for better visibility.

    Thank you for your post!
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