Two unauthorized purchases made, ticket submitted, no response



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    Greetings ThaHemperor,

    I am sorry that you have had an issue with packs being purchased not by you. Do you think that someone has your credit/debit card details? It may be a good idea to contact your bank in that case to get the card stopped. As a moderator unfortunately I cannot see your ticket, however, please look at this post: as it gives details of the different ticket types and their responses e.g. a ticket raised as a "Bug Report" will be used to gather information to fix a bug, but players may not get individual replies.

    Our Customer Support team will look into this and respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your post!
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    I just saw this response.

    No, the purchase was made by my son whom I met use my phone to play games from time to time. I've changed my security settings since.

    However, I have NOT been responded to yet. It's been days! I have contacted my bank already. The problem being with that is that I make purchases using the app store quite often and if I were to go about it that way my bank would block why future Google transactions.

    However if WB cannot help it's customers and blatantly ignore them, I don't see why I shouldn't go about it that way while being sure to leave bad reviews about not only the game but the service itself when we encounter a problem.

    It's ridiculous that my ticket has gone unanswered and there have been people in my alliance submitting tickets AFTER the date I submitted mine and they've received responses for theirs and had the matter resolved.
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    Hi ThaHemperor,

    I see that your ticket is currently being reviewed by a Senior Support Agent. They will update you via email as soon as they are able!


    Thank you,


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